Trends in the retail of connected objects in France


For the B2C market, IDATE  indicates that more than 20 million wearables were sold in 2014 and sales could reach nearly 123 million of objects in 2018!

Although about 60% of connected objects are purchased by companies according to Deloitte, the wearables have occupied the majority of the debates in 2014, thanks to smartwatch.

For example about 640,000 connected watches and bracelets have been sold in France last year. According to GfK, the turnover of technical goods in France in 2014 reached almost € 15.1 billion.

Of these €15 billion, only 90 million euros can be directly attributed to selling items online in 2014.

This is the beginning of a trend. GfK estimates that about 2 billion connected objects over the next 5 years will be sold in France. The main distributing channels will be specialized superstores (GSS) and the web, which are the only two channels to grow in this market, by 3% and 5% respectively.

The most relevant players being: LICK, Fnac-Connect,, MOOD, Rue du Commerce (smart pure-player with Connexted platform)

Source: Aruco network