Biennale Internationale Design

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The 10th Biennale Internationale Design in Saint-Étienne announces its title:

Working Promesse, shifting work paradigms

March, 9th 2017 – April, 9th 2017


The Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2017 will present a state of the art and a great experiment, a giant laboratory, entitled Working Promesse, focused on the shifting work paradigms.

From digital labor to the sharing economy, the world of work is being reconfigured; it is inventing new organizations, new services but also new hopes. Designers, companies and the entire Saint-Etienne territory gather around this topic in order to confront different perspectives, ideologies, innovations and desires.

Central to the issue of work mutations, the Biennial will investigate the three following themes:

Digital Labor: The confrontation of digital tools with various crises (environmental, economic and terrorist) that successively shake our social structures is leading to multiple disruptions in our societies.

– Share utopia: Work is an exceptional space for technical and organizational inventions that exploits an entire part of humanity, leading to suffering as well as hope. From the design of an interface meant for the management of a shared service to the active participation in citizen groups, designers take up ideological perspectives that are going to sustainably contribute to the elaboration of our environment.

– Future existences: The questions that are going to stir up the “Biennale Internationale Design” Saint-Etienne 2017 will provide an opportunity to explore the experimental forms of work through its tools of production but also its fictional and futurist dimensions: will we still need to work? At what rhythms? Alone or collectively, in networks or in atomized ways?

Design is also in a period of transition: from object to service, from urban dimension to social dimension, the scales on which design has a role to play are being multiplied. Working Promesse, shifting work paradigms will be an opportunity to use design to interrogate our future lifestyles.

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