The largest boarding ramp ever built in France

ramp in fos

This RO/RO ramp (roll-on / roll-off ramp), costing 2.7 million euros was inaugurated recently, in Fos-sur-mer.
This equipment, dedicated to the transport of non-standard parts allows direct loading of components of very exceptional size. The ramp must support the load of components, impressive both in size and weight (up to 800 tons), like the components of Iter.
It was borrowed, for the first time, by four long trailers, each carrying a powerful 128-ton electric transformer from China.
By 2023, nearly 200 components from the 35 member states of Iter will have transited on this tool.
The tool, was made possible by the concerted work of several companies, such as:
CFT – Compagnie fluviale de transport –
Sosersid –
Daher – and
GPMM – Grand Port maritime de Marseille
Port de Marseille Fos – (an annual traffic of 81 million tons in 2016).
The industrial Port area of Marseille-Fos offers 1M square meters of logistic warehouses and 10.000 hectares. (as big as the surface of Paris) PIICTO, that is located on this zone, is a dynamic platform for industry and innovation.