In 2018, Step into the future! Be part of it, in Annecy, France!

Step into the futureThe international cleantech week is a perfect opportunity to promote your technological innovations, based on the energy of the 4 natural elements: Water, Sun, Wind and Earth.

Entrepreneurs, start upers, engineers, journalists, investors, researchers, academics, manufacturers, inventors, and even more, all of you have a good reason to come and promote your technology, as a top international cleantech player.

This real attractive event will gather several international players, in one place, during a week, from June 19th till 24th 2018, at the famous Imperial palace of Annecy in the Rhône-Alpes region, in France.

An extensive palette of innovations will be staged… whether it is about reducing waste production, decarbonized transatlantic flight, cooking with the sun, recovering bio-wastes, collecting the water in the atmosphere, raising the awareness of eco-mobility innovations, or experiencing the electrical and solar-powered flight, the High-efficiency compressed air energy storage, a new generation of battery, or autonomous ecosystems combining aquaculture and hydroponics.

This “rendez-vous” for innovations, offers a full program along the week to give you a real chance to show and meet during conferences, indoor and outdoor demonstrations, B2B meetings or active networking.

The French ecosystem for innovation is based on a particular concept organized to ensure interaction between the professional organizations, the enterprises, start-ups or big groups, universities, clusters, public Authorities, private stakeholders, investors, R&D Institutes, laboratories, academics, Medias.

Fore more information, contact: NBSO LYON – Martine Augrandjean             #+33 472 400 840